Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hasta la Vista, Baby? The Governator to Visit Chile

According the the online Santiago Times (subscription only), California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will reciprocate Chilean President Michelle Bachelet's recent visit to California, though it's uncertain when. At the moment, the world's most famous Austrian is struggling with a huge budget deficit and his own recalcitrant Republican minority, which can block any compromise in the state legislature, and he is also likely to be a major figure in the upcoming U.S. presidential campaign. Nevertheless, Chilean foreign minister Alejandro Foxley told the paper that “Schwarzenegger will come with a group of Californian businessmen who will discuss with their Chilean counterparts their plans concerning the Asian Pacific.”

We Have a Winner!
Chuck Goolsbee of Washington state won a copy of Moon Handbooks Chile by correctly matching the landscapes in yesterday's entry. Chuck was the third respondent but the first to get them all correct; for those of you who didn't open the comments, the first photograph is the Chilean beach resort of Zapallar, north of Viña del Mar; the second is the Big Sur coast south of Monterey, California; and the third is the Veramonte winery, in the Casablanca valley northwest of Santiago, on the way to Viña and Valparaíso.

Chuck, though, needs to get hold of me to claim his prize - Chuck, please send me a postal address at my email in the header above so I can send you the book.

Given the initial response, I may do a quiz of of this sort a couple times a month with my various titles on Chile, Argentina, Buenos Aires, and Patagonia. I personally didn't think it was too difficult, but then I knew precisely where the photos were taken.


jyby said...

I like the idea of the quizes, but please make sure the file names of the picture don't give the answer, that ruins a bit the game ;)

Wayne Bernhardson said...

I did this sort of spontaneously, so that was an oversight on my part. However, the winner was the only reader who got the one without the file name correctly. Next time, though, I'll be more careful.

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