Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moon Handbooks Chile: Win the New Third Edition!

Friday afternoon the UPS delivery brought two large boxes that, as I anticipated, included my contractually stipulated 50 copies of the new third edition of Moon Handbooks Chile. Just in time for the upcoming southern hemisphere travel season, it’s fully updated, particularly with respect to the Chilean wine country, the latest in hotels and restaurants, and even the ins-and-outs of visiting volcano-ravaged Chaitén. The book also covers southernmost Argentine Patagonia, including Tierra del Fuego, and Chile's Pacific possessions of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and the Juan Fernández archipelago.

In recognition of the new edition, I’m opening a contest that, I hope and expect, will soon have TWO winners. That’s because I’m giving away free copies of the book to the first two correct answers to following quiz, which I think is a fairly easy two-part question: 1) What is the destination depicted on the cover of the new edition?; 2) what is the common name of the animal appears within the photograph?

Please send your answers to the email address that appears in the header above. Previous quiz winners should, as Michael Feldman always remarks before the quiz on his public radio program Whaddya Know?, “sit on their hands and let someone else win for change.”

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