Friday, April 18, 2008

Not Two Weeks in Philadelphia

While I've been busy with income taxes and contemplating new entries on the fire-induced smog of Buenos Aires and the Lonely Planet guidebook controversy, it's come to my notice that my own publisher (Moon Handbooks) is giving away several copies of the new edition of my Argentina title in a third-party contest.

While I'd like to think that's reason enough to enter the contest, I'm only second prize - the first is a week's accommodation in new boutique hotels in and around Buenos Aires. Full disclosure: I have no connection with the loose alliance of hotels in question, and have visited only San Antonio de Areco's Patio de Moreno (anonymously, and I did not stay there). The contest implies no commercial endorsement on my part, though I thought the San Antonio hotel was nicely done.

For non-native English speakers, an explanation of the headline above: The late actor and comedian W.C. Fields is widely known for disparaging his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, birthplace. One joke commonly attributed to him is a contest in which first prize is a week in Philadelphia; the second prize, two weeks in Philadelphia. There appears to be no documentation that he ever really said this, however.

Meanwhile, I'll get to the other topics in the next few days.

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