Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Remote Perspective

Over the past five months, while traveling in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the Falkland Islands, I've accumulated far more information than I've been able to incorporate in either my Moon Handbooks (the new editions of Buenos Aires and Patagonia are now being edited) or in this blog. As always, on arriving home in California, I've got lots of paperwork to catch up on (especially with income taxes coming due), answering queries from editors, and working on magazine pieces. Some other new projects have also come up, having to do with Argentina and Chile in particular, that I can't yet comment on, but there'll be plenty to read here in the coming months for those planning trips to the Southern Cone.

Meanwhile, I'll close with a link to an interview on Buenos Aires I did with Christine Delsol of the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine late last year. It covers some of the city's less obvious highlights, such as the improbable surf/punk/indie music scene at the Congreso neighborhood's Club Unione e Benevolenza (a typical bill is pictured to the right).

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