Sunday, September 28, 2008

Planning for Patagonia

Usually, around this time time of year, I go on the road to help promote new editions of my guidebooks, and this year is no exception. Over the next month, I will be giving ten slide lectures to promote the new edition on Moon Handbooks Patagonia and, simultaneously, Moon Handbooks Buenos Aires (which includes excursions into the surrounding Pampas and coastal Uruguay). Attendees will be able to participate in a raffle for one free ticket to Santiago or Buenos Aires from any LAN Airlines gateway (New York, Miami, Los Angeles) in the U.S. or, presumably, Canada, as LAN has recently begun flights from Toronto to Santiago. Details are yet to be determined, but I will have more information soon and will explain them in person as well.

All talks will be followed by a question-and-answer period, plus some time to socialize with the author, bookstore priorities permitting. The dates are as follows (check each website for the exact time):

Thursday, October 2: Get Lost Books, San Francisco

Sunday, October 5: Village Books, Bellingham, Washington

Monday, October 6: Travel Bug, Vancouver BC

Tuesday, October 7: Wide World Books, Seattle

Thursday, October 9: REI, Saratoga, California

Tuesday, October 14: Idlewild Books, New York City

Wednesday, October 15: Geographical Society of Philadelphia

Thursday, October 16: Globe Corner Books, Cambridge, Massachusetts (note: event is not at the store itself, but at the nearby First Parish Church)

Tuesday, October 21: REI, Fremont, California

Monday, October 27: Distant Lands, Pasadena, California

Please also note that a few of these events are not yet up on their websites, but all of them are confirmed. Hope to see you there!


farfromgruntled said...

Congratulations on finishing two new guide books! I live in BsAs and I work for a magazine (BA Insider) which is soon to have a travel event for expats. We are looking to gather the best/newest resources for the event. Anyway we could get our hands on a copy of your new guide to Patagonia?

I am about to travel to Patagonia on a shoe string in November. Hope that is possible!

Gwen Kirby

Wayne Bernhardson said...

Gwen, please contact me with a valid email address so we can discuss this further.

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