Sunday, January 27, 2008

Areco Shines a Little Less

Less than two weeks ago, I paid a pleasant visit to San Antonio de Areco, the "gaucho capital" of the Pampas, and to the museum-
workshop of silversmith Juan José Draghi. It was a shock, then, when a friend emailed me that Draghi had suddenly died only three days later, at age 64. Draghi had invested time and money in an admirable facility that's helped put Areco on the map for visitors to Argentina. San Antonio has many outstanding silversmiths and other artisans, but the town and country will both miss him.

Draghi's legacy will remain. After I sent a note of condolences, his daughter Lucila replied that the family, though in mourning, will continue with their father's project, which also includes a handsome guesthouse. A new website displays samples of the work.

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